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IDEOU Course - Leading for Creativity!
My Leadership Plan

Focused on inspiring creativity through design.

Motivated, passionate and driven, I bring 15+ years of creative & design leadership to the table. I thrive on pushing boundaries and designing amazing experiences.

In 2000, I co-founded Imigent Media, a full-scale creative design agency. I honed my creative skills over thousands of hours of design and development work using the full Adobe Suite incorporating all mediums to satisfy client requirements. This work also required full proficiency in coding HTML and CSS to deliver excellent web experiences and countless brand creatives for more than 75 clients in a variety of industries.

In 2010 I joined Kabam, Inc., a free-to-play social gaming company, where as a visual designer I was instrumental in starting the Marketing Art Department. As a part of this team helping lead design that supported more than 20 games for an audience of more than 20 million users, I was instrumental in the design and development of landing pages, UI/UX, mobile/web advertising including scaling of company-wide emails, development of iOS / Android assets, company swag, and print media. Delivering outstanding creative assets in tight timelines required effective collaboration with teams across the enterprise. Building relationships using clear communication techniques for strategic planning and driving design through research, design libraries, using best UX practices coupled with data collection and analysis resulted in Kabam, Inc. enjoying success with many top-grossing games.

In 2014 I joined Alfresco, a key player in the enterprise content management and business process management space as the head of design in the Marketing Team. As head of design, it is my mission to motivate my team to create digital experiences that ensure Alfresco continues to innovate and develop an exciting and effective brand as they continue to be a leader in their space. My team accomplishes this by framing challenges that allow exploration through creativity to help build impacting experiences for our target audiences. We partner this with data-driven design decisions and a clear vision of Alfresco's mission. This partnership of mindsets has helped contribute to company success by growing a strong and consistent brand and putting company-wide design practices in place.

As someone with a deep passion for design I spend of lot of my spare time exploring product design and new technologies. I am a person who is intensely creative and enjoy expressing this creativity through technology. I have provided design and UX direction for a variety of startups. Learning how companies are trying to solve problems and helping to provide ideas for creative, simple and effective solutions is something I find extremely fulfilling.

A favorite quote of mine from one of Google's founders is, "Always deliver more than expected." I pride myself on working hard and, above all, working smart. Innovative and powerful design comes from streamlined practices, exploration through creativity and strong, clear communication. I am confident that with my passion for design, my commitment to pushing creative boundaries, and my incredibly strong work ethic, I bring exceptional creative leadership to any team.


Inspiring Quotes

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

Walt Disney


"You have to design the moments of your life, you shouldn't just live them."

Hernan Carranza

Chief Innovation Officer, La Victoria Lab

"They need to see in your eyes that you are excited about where you are going and they want to go on that journey with you."

Paul Bennett

Chief Creative Officer, IDEO

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Dr. Seuss


“Creativity takes courage."

Henri Matisse


“The noblest art is that of making others happy”

P. T. Barnum



Exploring creative problem solving.

Design Thinking Method?

Embracing design thinking can continue to help us push creative boundaries and bring great experiences to life. Anyone can learn the tools to design, but to make something that changes people's lives its about the journey you go on to get there.

The Process

Design Thinking key steps for creating  !


Relate to people, users, and experiences.


What is the problem? What is the goal?


Come up with possible creative solutions.


Turn your solution into something tangible.


Put it to the test and learn from it.


Learn, modify, re-test, evaluate.

Work, Ideas, and Design

Anyone who puts their mind to it can design for anything.
Running a small design firm, working in B2C and B2B, and sharing knowdledge between them all.

Featured Work

Think Forward:
Design for the future and send it back to now.

Currently exploring AR technology and how it can be used in design. I think it is a new way to enahnce experiences as long as it can remain simple to use. Below is a basic example using a marker to explore how we can trigger an overlay. This web browser based concept can open amazing possibilites to trigger experiences that enhance reality.

Try it out! Open this website on your mobile device, allow the camera access, and aim it at the hiro marker. You can see the same three boxes appear over the hiro marker. (note: this is new tech and it can have bugs)

Learn. Teach. Grow.

Current learning and resources.


Courses from IDEO that help teach a variety of ways to solve anything creatively. Best course I have taken to date was Leading for Creativity.

Simon Sinek - Start with Why

How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Simon Sinek has great perspectives and ideas on creativity and foundational skills to make you think.

Material Design - Google

A unified design system combining theories, resources and tools created by Google. A powerful system to use and inspire amazing design and user interaction for building just about anything.

Visual Language - AirBnB Design

What does it take to create a visual language that is right for your company? Great article and peak into Airbnb’s approach and ideas to think about in your own exploration.

David Kelley - Creative Confidence

From IDEO and the Stanford D School, David Kelley brings to light how everyone is creative with the right set of tools and mindset. Great insights into how to make it happen personally and in business.

Pschology for Designers

A look at the Jobs to be Done Theory and the psychology behind it. Great perspectives and ideas around user experience and product design.

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